The Epic B2B Lead Generation Software List

This list of B2B lead generation software can help every step of your sales process. Use these tools to turn your strategy into a B2B lead generation machine.

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When it comes to your business, leads matter. You need to know who is interested, why they are interested, how many times they have visited your website, and you need to know that ‘thing’ which has kept them circling back towards you. Lead generation strategies are vital, and you shouldn’t go about lead generation alone. B2B lead generation software will give you invaluable assistance with this task.

With the right tools, you can not only see who has been visiting your site and what interests them, but you can reach out to add them as a new client much sooner.

Below is a list of B2B lead generation software that can help with every step of your process. By utilizing these tools, you can turn your B2B marketing strategy into a lead generation machine.

(If you’re not a B2B, you might want to check out our other list of lead generation software for any business.)

Website lead capture

You and your team spent weeks planning the perfect lead funnel. With your copy and landing page complete, you’re ready to launch your new offer or lead magnet, only to find that 5% of your traffic-filled out your form or left their contact info.

Lead capture software solves this problem by identifying anonymous companies that visited your site, what products or CTA they clicked, as well as contact info so you can connect while you’re still top of mind.

Your website might have a lot of visitors, but if they don’t make contact with you. You won’t know who they are. Think about all of those lost opportunities.



Leadfeeder is a lead generation and marketing tool for performance-driven teams looking to discover new prospects and monitor existing customers. Instead of trying to acquire new users from ads or email, leads are generated from your Google Analytics, automatically identifying companies visiting your pages. Then scoring and filtering them by their actions on your site and enriching them with company info and contact details.

Top features

  • Automatic lead scoring: Your most qualified leads are automatically placed at the top of your lead list.
  • Personal email alerts: When a targeted lead visits your website you will be alerted via email.
  • CRM/LinkedIn integration: Once you’ve connected your CRM or Sales Navigator, leads and new visits will automatically be sent to your sales pipeline.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Lite (free) and Premium ($53/month)Free plan and trial availableLive chat, email, phone, supportG2: 4.6 (55 reviews); Capterra: 4.3 (82 reviews)



Leadboxer gathers and analyzes leads and their behavior from all of a business’ platforms, storing this data in one place. Track website visits, document downloads, page and video views and more for each lead, then contact leads right from the app. Leads can be sorted individually and by company. And thanks to the lead scoring feature, you’ll be able to identify prime leads at a glance.

Top features

  • Lead score: Leadboxer automatically creates profiles for website visitors, and then assigns them a lead score according to actions they perform on your website, such as viewing blog posts. Account managers can assign different levels of points to different actions, based on which behaviors they see as priority ones.
  • Notification to qualify: When a lead reaches a certain threshold, Leadboxer automatically notifies the people responsible, so those people can qualify the lead right from Leadboxer.
  • API: Seamlessly integrates with countless other tools, including CRMs.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Platform ($195/month), or Platform + Customer Success Team ($495/month)Free demo availableKnowledge base, email, phone, customer success manager (when access is purchased)G2: 4 stars (2 reviews); Capterra: 4.8 stars (6 reviews)

Lead Forensics

lead forensics

Lead Forensics turns unknown website visitors into leads by instantly uncovering the name, position, email address and more of each person who visits, and feeding those leads into a list in real time.

Top features

  • Comprehensive on-site visitor intelligence: Instantly see what leads search for, what sources they come from, which pages they visit, number of visits, amount of time spent on the site, information about their business, and even the stage of the consideration journey that they’re in.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with, and sends leads to, your CRM, letting your sales team take action.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Contact for pricingFree trial availableEmail, phone, live chat, knowledge baseG2: 3.6 (98 reviews); Capterra: 4.2 (16 reviews)



Albacross captures the information you need about visitors to your website, so you constantly maintain a flow of warm leads. Learn which companies visit your website, what their interests are, and their location, so you can take action. Albacross is suitable for B2B companies all over the world.

Top features

  • Advanced filter: Quickly filter your leads to identify which ones match with your ideal customer profile, so you can prioritize them and move them along the sales journey. Also filter by revenue, pages visited, and location.
  • Segments: Group customers based on the attributes most important to you.
  • Integrations: Integrates with hundreds of tools including CRMs. These include HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and Pipedrive.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Starter ($40/month), Pro ($449/month), and Enterprise ($1,089+/month)Free demo and trial availableLive chat, help center, emailG2: 4.3 (12 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (105 reviews)

ProProfs Quiz Maker


ProProfs is an online quiz maker that can be used to create engaging quizzes with built-in lead forms to gather quiz takers information. Businesses, whether startups or established corporations, use this tool to augment their lead capture and lead generation process.

Top features

  • Question bank: Choose from a collection of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on thousands of topics.
  • Customized quiz results: Create upbeat and positive results that can be shared on social media.
  • CRM integrations: Connect with your CRM and automatically segment your leads into different mailing lists.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Essential (starts at $0.25/quiz taker/month) and Premium ($0.50/quiz taker/month)Free trial availableLive chat, email, phone, knowledge baseG2: 4.4 (22 reviews); Capterra: 4.3 (23 reviews)

Landing page (Lead form)

Landing pages and handshakes have a lot in common. They are both fairly straightforward, but there’s more than meets the eye. And depending on how well it’s executed, they can either seal the deal or give the recipient second thoughts.

Landing pages play a vital role in online business and are one of the best options when it comes to lead generation and collecting emails. Because they are usually used towards the end of the sales funnel, barely improving your conversion rate can make a significant impact on your profit over time.

Too often, people try to do too much, which can lead to confusion for the customer. The end result is that either your lead will bounce or wander away to another page.

There are so many incredible tools out there that can make the process a lot faster and optimize your results along the way. With most of these tools, you’ll be able to create landing pages for every offer, campaign, and promotion you need with little to no coding experience.



While websites are great for educating potential users, most pages struggle to turn traffic into revenue. With Unbounce, you can build and optimize dedicated landing pages with one goal in mind – converting.

While there are plenty of cheaper page builders on the market, Unbounce’s lowest-level plan comes with a ton of features you won’t find anywhere else – putting Unbounce in a class of its own.

Top features

  • Templates: 100+ out of the box templates
  • Integrations: Landing pages and pop-ups can integrate with the most popular email, CRM, and analytic tools around.
  • SEM Optimization: Dynamic keyword insertion for SEM campaigns
  • Sticky Features: Add sticky headers and popups to pages
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Essential ($79/month), Premium ($159/month), Enterprise ($399+/month)Free trial available24/7 support, live chat, email, phone, help center, resource databaseG2: 4.3 (224 reviews); Capterra: 4.6 (190 reviews)



Leadpages lets you quickly create, optimize, and track the success of landing pages, pop-ups, lead bars, and other lead forms, plus social ads that direct prospective customers to your landing pages. Choose from a variety of high-converting, mobile-responsive page templates to meet the needs of your business.

Top features

  • Real-time guidance: Leadpages gives you optimization tips as you build your landing page or lead form, and helps you build the best lead page for SEO..
  • Analytics and testing: Check how your pages are performing at a glance, and run the tests you need, including A/B tests.
  • Unlimited pages, leads, and traffic: Collect as many leads as you can, publish as many pages/forms as you want, and drive as much traffic to your website as you can. Leadpages never imposes caps on its plans, so it will never charge you more when you’re more successful.
  • Integrations: Integrates seamlessly with over 1000 other tools, including Google Analytics, Stripe, Zapier, and Salesforce, to seamlessly send lead information where you need it.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Standard ($25/month), Pro ($48/month), and Advanced ($199/month)Free trial availableHelp centerG2: 3.9 (100 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (115 reviews)



OptinMonster helps you generate more leads through stunning, crisp landing pages – start with a template, or build from scratch. Target your offers, gather the analytics you need, and quickly optimize your landing pages for high-converting results. Over one million websites, both B2B and B2C, trust OptinMonster.

Top features

  • Targeted campaigns: Create and display targeted lead forms and landing pages based on where your leads find your website, content they view, how they interact with your content, actions they take, whether they’re a new or returning visitor, which device they use, their location and more. Segment your audience and “show your perfect offer to the right people at the exact right time.”
  • Behavior-based triggers: Show lead forms after users perform certain behaviors (for example, after they’ve scrolled to a certain point on a page, after they’ve viewed your page for a certain amount of time, or when they try to leave your site.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Basic ($19/month), Pro ($29/month), Plus ($39/month), and Growth ($49/month)NoLive chat, email, help center, rich library of resourcesG2: 4.2 (36 reviews); Capterra: 4.3 (38 reviews)



Leadformly primarily serves established B2B businesses, and helps many of them see a two to three times increase in lead generation, with the help of high-converting lead forms. Leadformly names conversion rate as the factor that makes them different from competitors. They explain: “We’ve spent years obsessing over forms to answer one question: What increases form conversions? We’ve built our findings into our form templates so that you can get more leads out of every dollar you spend on marketing.”

Top features

  • Optimized templates: Quickly create streamlined lead capture forms, agency forms, enquiry forms, and more with Leadformly’s templates, all optimized for conversions based on over 50 best practices.
  • Value tagging and segmentation: Assign values to leads based on their form responses, then segment leads based on quality, so you know who to focus on and can create campaigns that appeal to them.
  • Integrations: Over a thousand integrations with automation tools, CRMs, and more.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
200 leads/month ($37/month), 1,000 leads/month ($74/month), 25,000 leads/month ($149/month)Free trial availableLive chat, email, support docsN/A

Email marketing

For many lead generation campaigns, the main objective is to acquire an email. The goal is for a prospect to willingly give you their contact information in exchange for something of value to them.

Email marketing is by far the most effective lead nurturing strategy out there but is often overlooked in many B2B lead generation strategies.

Lead nurturing is the process of building meaningful relationships with your prospects to earn their business when they’re ready to make a purchase. In practice, lead nurturing is a marketing effort focused on engaging with your leads and customers in a way that encourages them to progress toward a specific action. (Closing!)

Each lead in your database should be nurtured according to their interests and lifecycle stages. Pages they’ve visited and content they’ve consumed all indicate shifting interests. Good email marketing adapts the messaging to stay relevant and helps you win new customers, faster. Proper nurturing enables you to keep up the conversation with your contacts and helps you continue to connect after they become customers.

Thankfully there are tools out there that allow you to build beautiful HTML newsletters without any prior coding experience. Ensuring you can put your best foot forward and keep prospects attention long after they become customers.

Constant Contact


Constant Contact provides a suite of tools for email marketing purposes. Putting together an email is easily done using drag and drop tools to create visually-rich emails, and contact lists of senders can be imported from Outlook, Salesforce, or by uploading a spreadsheet.

There are also additional features available, such as email automation and scheduling, with surveys, polls, and dynamic signup forms available to provide feedback. You can also manage events and social media from your account.

Aside from customizable templates and image hosting, analytics underline Constant Contact’s service, making it easier to measure the effective ROI from campaigns and seek to improve conversion rates with different approaches.

Top features

  • Automated and timely welcome emails
  • Email marketing software service has a subject line testing feature that can help you optimize your subject lines to increase your open email rate.
  • Deliverability is extremely high, as well. You can also segment your contacts based on their clicks to send out more relevant emails.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Email ($20+/month) and Email Plus ($45+/month)Free trial availableEmail, phone, help centerG2: 3.9 (4220 reviews); Capterra: 4.3 (1516 reviews)



Although Mailchimp is one of the most popular B2C email marketing tools, it’s also a very effective choice for your B2B email marketing needs. And despite being best known for email marketing, Mailchimp can help you promote your B2B business in a myriad of other ways, all in one place.

Top features

  • Email marketing: Build clean, crisp emails with a drag-and-drop builder. Automate sending based on signups, events, or custom parameters, so your emails reach the right people at the right moment.
  • Detailed data: With real-time data on your email campaigns, you’ll always know what’s working and where you should make changes. You can even compare your open, click, and subscribe rates to others in your industry.
  • Hyper-versatile: MailChimp can assist you with more than just email. It’s a multichannel tool that can help you create lead pages, ads, social media, automation, CRM tasks, and more.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Essentials ($10/month), Standard ($15/month), and Premium ($300+/month)Free plan available24/7 support, email, live chat, help center, resourcesG2: 4.3 (14146 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (11863 reviews)



Sendinblue is another versatile email marketing tool for B2B businesses. The company covers “email, SMS, Facebook, Chat, CRM, and more, in an all-in-one platform to help you grow your business through building stronger customer relationships.”

Top features

  • Dynamic templates: Choose from over 70 professional templates, including specialized B2B ones, that show up beautifully on any screen. Personalize emails, and even create dynamic setups that adapt to the needs of each user.
  • Segmentation and automation: Target specific audience segments for better engagement, such as by location; automate both the sending of the messages and the segmentation itself.
  • Machine learning send time: SendInBlue automatically determines the best time to send your email so you can get it in front of more prime eyes.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Lite ($25/month), Essential ($39/month), and Premium ($66/month). Enterprise plans are also available, with pricing based on number of emails sent per month.Free plan available24/7 support through email, live chat, and phone in 6 languagesG2: 4.4 (611 reviews), Capterra: 4.3 (323 reviews)

Call triggers

When it comes to lead generation software, call triggers are an excellent way to contact a new lead quickly. In today’s world, interested leads want to be able to contact someone immediately, whether it is by phone, by chat, or by email. If the lead doesn’t receive a response back in what they feel is a timely manner, they will move on to somewhere else.



The steps of Callingly‘s call trigger software are as follows. When new lead information comes in, that information is captured, and Callingly automatically calls available team members. Once someone picks up the phone, they hear the lead’s information, and Callingly will call the lead back when the team member is ready. If an agent is available, the lead’s phone will be ringing in less than a minute, and team members can track every lead and every call.

With Callingly, the call trigger captures lead information as it comes in and then immediately contacts an available team member.

Top features

  • Call recordings synced automatically to the CRM
  • Custom caller IDs
  • Notes and tags help to keep track of key points on a follow-up call. These are also synced with the CRM
  • Individual schedules of team members can be set, so Callingly knows which team member to call for an immediate callback.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Business ($49/month), and Agency ($249/month). Enterprise plans are also available.Free trial availableLive chatG2: 5 (1 review)



Novocall helps you connect interested leads to a call with your sales reps, but also helps you qualify those leads before the call begins, so you have an idea of who is the best fit for your product or service, and can personalize the call to meet their needs.

Top features

  • Capture and qualify: Offer interested leads a free callback immediately, or at a time that works for you both, with an engaging pop-up. Then, immediately qualify the lead before the call, so you know who is most likely to be serious about buying.
  • After-hours capture: Novocall works around the clock. If your sales team isn’t around, Novocall helps the lead schedule a call for the next day, so you don’t miss any opportunities.
  • Tracking: Track call success rates, where leads come from, and where in the buying journey each caller is.
  • Follow-up: Novocall knows how important follow-ups can be, so it automates the sending of an SMS follow-up after each call.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Professional ($39/month), Team ($119/month), and Business ($279/month). Enterprise plans are also available.Free trial availablePhone, knowledge baseG2: 4.8 (4 reviews); Capterra: 4.8 (105 reviews)



CallPage opens a pop-up to invite interested visitors to receive a callback from a sales rep in less than 30 seconds, This way, more of your visitors become your leads. And like Novocall, it also invites prospects to schedule a later call when your team is out of office.

Top features

  • Custom pop-up: Design your callback pop-up to match your branding, so it seamlessly fits in with your website. You can even add short lead forms to gather more information.
  • Analytics: View leads’ phone numbers and call history; record calls and play back recordings to analyze KPIs; check which marketing channels are the sources of which calls; and analyze the performance of each of these sources.
  • SMS follow-up: Follow-up thanks the customer for the call via text, and shares the contact details of the sales rep they talked with.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Basic ($29/month), Professional ($135/month), and Premium ($320+/month). Custom plans are also available.Free plan and trial availablePhone, resource libraryG2: 4.6 (19 reviews); Capterra: 4.3 (29 reviews)

Live chat

What happens when you can’t find the information you need while looking at a site? You bounce! Live chat can be a lead generation machine because it allows you to communicate with customers in real-time while they’re most interested in your business.

Having a chatbot on your site can be useful when it comes to engaging prospects. I’m sure you’ve seen them by now. Usually, after you scroll a certain amount or been on a page long enough, one will pop up in the lower right corner – asking you if you need assistance.

The beautiful thing about chatbots is that it can provide your customers with 24/7 support. Even after business hours, it can handle simple queries or, if necessary, collect enough information for your team to handle it in the morning. Having excellent customer support is all you need some time to turn a visitor into a customer.



Intercom is more than a chatbot. Its flexible tool can be used for onboarding, lead generation, customer support, user engagement, and marketing automation. Their software allows you to create flows and sequences for each page, ensuring you always provide the right message at the right time.

Top features

  • Outbound messages: Use targeted email, push, and in-app messages to encourage customers to take action.
  • Setup campaigns: Compose a series of messages that trigger based on rules you set, and drive customers towards a common goal.
  • Product tours: Introduce products and services with interactive tours that guide new sign-ups through tasks to help them see the value.
  • Customer data: Deliver meaningful engagement with live customer data that lets you segment your audience, target messages, and personalize content.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Essential Messaging  ($49/month), and Pro Messaging ($75/month). Enterprise plans are also available.Free trial availableLive chat, support docs, resource libraryG2: 4.3 (890 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (665 reviews)



Drift markets itself as “the world’s first conversational marketing software.” The chat platform is all about creating 1-on-1 conversations with potential customers. Drift chatbots engage your website visitors with personal conversations at just the right time, making you more likely to generate and convert leads.

Top features

  • Targeting: Activate your chat box only for the visitors you think are the best fit, if you wish. And “playbooks” help you target returning visitors who have expressed interest.
  • Automated qualify: Drift’s chatbot will help you qualify leads with quick survey questions, and route leads to the appropriate managers within your CRM.
  • Integrations and automation: Drift captures and maps answers to questions from Drift into comprehensive marketing automation platforms, like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo. That way, you have the valuable information you’ve collected about each lead organized into one place.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Startups ($50/month), Pro ($400/month), and Premium ($1,500/month)Free plan available.Live chat, learning center, resource libraryG2: 4.4 (435 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (126 reviews)



Manychat lets you create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, email and SMS, to help you acquire, nurture, and retain leads. Why is Messenger a prime focus? Manychat reports that it has “80% open rates and 25% CTR, beating all other channels.” Start with a template, or build your own Manychat bot to fit your needs.

Top features

  • Interactive qualification: Manychat bots engage and build relationships with customers in interactive, personalized Messenger conversations. The bots capture leads’ information, book meetings and forward their requests to sales reps.
  • Lead scoring and documentation: Lead scoring helps you determine which leads to prioritize, and tracking measures the success of your chat lead generation efforts.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, HubSpot, ConvertKit, Zapier, and more.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Pro plan (starts at $10/month)Free plan availableLive chat, support page, resource libraryG2: 4.3 (30 reviews)

Help Crunch


Help Crunch combines a live chat software with an email marketing tool and knowledge base, giving you all the tools you need to capture and nurture leads, plus serve your all-important existing customers simultaneously. Marketing, Sales, and Support tools all in one place!

Top features

  • Diverse chat for lead generation and qualification: Engage customers with a chat with representatives, send automated chat messages, collect lead information when your team is offline, and pre-qualify leads with pre-chat forms. A 24/7 chatbot that can answer questions on its own, and Facebook Messenger chat are coming soon.
  • Email marketing included: Create and automate emails in the same tool, and even resend chat conversations via email.
  • Efficient message organization: Tag, assign, and merge conversations to process requests faster.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Standard plan ($12/member/month) and Premium plan ($20/member/month). Enterprise plans are also available.Free trial availableLive chat, knowledge baseG2: 4.8 (114 reviews); Capterra: 4.8 (137 reviews)

Enrichment tools

Lead enrichment is the process of collecting, correcting, and verifying additional information about a prospect in order to enhance your database. The reasoning behind enriching your leads is to increase your data quality.

Data quality can be summed up as the refining, filling, and updating of data. Without accurate data, your message will never be received.



Hunter is great if you need to find someone’s business email fast. They offer three sets of tools, an email finder, email verify, and domain search. Simply type in the name of the business you want to target, and Hunter will find the most likely email pattern associated with that company.

Top features

  • Domain search: Perfect for finding who to contact in business quickly.
  • Email finder: All you need to connect with any professional. It puts all our data together—email formats, email addresses found on the web, verifications, and other signals.
  • Email verifier: Validations are made at multiple levels: format, domain information, response of the mail servers.
  • Bulk upload: Upload a complete CSV or XML file and have Hunter complete domain search, email verification, and prospecting in seconds.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
1,000 requests ($49/month), 20,000 requests ($199/month), an 50,000 requests ($399/month)Free plans availableLive chat, email, help centerG2: 4.3 (257 reviews); Capterra: 4.6 (297 reviews)



Aeroleads offers a Chrome plugin to help you find emails, phone numbers, and other valuable B2B data. Run a search on LinkedIn or another business contact website, add relevant leads to Aeroleads, then Aeroleads will draw their business email, phone number, location, and other relevant info.

Top features

  • Detailed lead finder: Find as many as 15 data points, such as full name, job title, location, company emails, and business phone numbers.
  • Integrations: Export the data to CSV or transfer data to HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, FreshSales, Zapier, and more with a single click.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
500 records ($49/month), 1,650 records ($149/month), and 6,000 records ($499/month). Enterprise plans are also available.Free trial availableLive chat, email, phoneG2: 3.9 (40 reviews); Capterra: 4.8 (23) helps your B2B business increase leads and productivity by finding email addresses, job titles, locations, and other information about a prospect. After you’ve acquired these emails, also helps you reach out with cold email and drip campaigns.

Top features

  • Flexibility: Use Chrome and business social networks, CSV import, or REST API to search and verify emails.
  • No data entry: feeds leads right into your CRM automatically, saving you time. Integrates with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and more.
  • Email tracking: Track email opens, replies, link clicks, conversions and more from your email campaigns, to see how successful your prospecting really is at generating solid leads.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
250 email search credits/month ($79/month) and 1000 email search credits/month ($129/month). Enterprise plans are also available.NoG2: 3.7 (19 reviews); Capterra: 4.4 (9 reviews)

Voila Norbert

viola norbert

Trust Norbert to find leads, verify emails, and enrich email findings with other relevant information, so you can better personalize your email and other campaigns and increase ROI.

Top features

  • Verification: Don’t just find emails – verify them with Norbert’s algorithm, so you know they’re reaching the right people. Import emails with a .CSV for verification. And automate the process with Norbert’s API.
  • Chrome extension: Source lead emails wherever you decide to prospect online.
  • Integrations: Sync leads with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp and more to save time.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
1000 leads/month ($49/month) and 50k leads/month ($499/month). Prepaid credits are also available.Free trial availableEmail, help centerG2: 4.8 (33 reviews), Capterra: 4.9 (7 reviews)



Growbots automates outbound sales by offering lead prospecting and outreach tools under a single umbrella. Generate leads and access their contact information, and run email drip campaigns, with the magic of automation. Then, collect the data and run the testing you need to optimize your lead campaigns for the prospects you’ve found.

Top features

  • Targeted prospecting: Build your ideal customer profile based on several criteria, and Growbots will generate a list of companies that match your profile. Then, access contact information (email, phone, social profiles, etc.) for the relevant decision-makers within these companies, all through the power of AI.
  • Email campaigns: Personalize and send emails with the information you collect, and set up sequences with follow-ups and multichannel contacts, to increase the chances of success.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
N/AFree demo availableLive chat, help centerG2: 4.5 (96 reviews); Capterra: 4 (1 review)


SignalHireSignalHire is a talent acquisition tool that allows people to find someone’s personal and work email or phone number fast. This tool helps your B2B business increase leads as you can find email addresses and phone numbers by name, job position, or location. What is more, you can browse the companies directory and get contact information about 10 million companies and their employees.

Top features

  • Bulk email finder: Search for up to 100 people at a time and export the data to CSV to make the email finding process easier and faster.
  • Chrome extension: Get high-quality 100% verified contact details like emails, phone numbers, social networks and messengers in a few clicks.
  • Social network search: Find all contact information, including personal social media profiles: LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, Twitter.
  • Team account option: Collaborate with your team members to find emails and phone numbers together and share contact information with ease.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
1,000 email credits/200 phone credits/200 contact credits ($79/month). Individual premium plans are also available.Free basic plan availableLive chat, phone and email customer supportG2: 4.6 (4 reviews); Capterra: 4.4 (21 reviews)


contactoutContactOut is a tool that finds your leads’ email addresses and phone numbers right on their LinkedIn and Github profiles. Its powerful AI search engine allows you to access profiles and send emails, with 30% of the Fortune 500 use this tool for business intelligence.

Top features

  • ContactOut Chrome extension: Fetches your prospects’ email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts in their LinkedIn or Github profiles and lets you save your leads in a dashboard.
  • Dashboard: Lets you manage, organize, and export your leads
  • Search portal: A comprehensive contact search engine that lets you find the contact information of anyone on the Internet
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Plans start at $199/month (contact for exact pricing)Free trial availablePhone and email customer supportG2: 4.3 (19 reviews)

Webinar tools

Webinars have become pretty standard practice in the B2B world, but with that being said, more and more people are starting to pay attention and aspect more for their time.

If you want to generate better leads that will convert, you need to put some serious time and energy into creating high-quality, engaging content. Here are a few reasons why.

  • It helps establish trust and credibility.
  • Capture high-quality leads. (after all why fill out a form if you aren’t interested)
  • Get leads from around the world, with one campaign
  • Open up partnership opportunities.

Just remember that webinars are meant to be lead generation tools, and no matter how fantastic a webinar might be, it will never convert 100% of the time. The point of a webinar is to inform your prospects and answer any lingering questions.

After a user attends your webinar, you need to continue nurturing the relationship. I recommend putting them on a drip sequence, sending them useful information around your key talking points.



Demio provides a webinar experience your audiences will love as they don’t have to download anything, and it is simple to use. Driving higher attendance rates where your brand is front and center. What sets Demio apart from the competition is its marketing features. Their software comes with some pretty powerful tracking options. Conversion, tracking, and retargeting pixels can be added to your webinar room, registration page, and thank you page.

This tool is great for beginners with its smooth interface and simple settings.

Top features

  • Interactive polls
  • Allows for custom codes and pixel integration
  • Offers in-built analytics
  • Can be easily integrated with most marketing tools
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
50-person webinar room ($34/month), 150-person room ($69/month), and 500-person room ($163/month)Free trial availableLive chat, knowledge baseG2: 4.5 (11 reviews); Capterra: 4.9 (76 reviews)



WebinarJam describes itself as “the most dramatic improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting ever released to the public, with “unmatched flexibility coupled with high tech precision.” Stream your webinars on YouTube or on WebinarJam’s private server, for up to tens of thousands of people at once. And advanced tracking and analytics help you see how successful your webinar is at generating leads.

Top features

  • Autoresponders: Talk to audience members before and after your webinar for even stronger lead nurturing.
  • Jam Session: Expertly accommodate a group of presenters or a panel with this flexible layout that optimizes presentation based on the number of presenters.
  • Engagement-oriented: Live chat, comment pinning and moderation, virtual whiteboard, private messaging, and more: engaging with customers is central.
  • Add members: Add an audience member as a speaker at any time, so they can ask a question, provide a testimonial, and more.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Basic ($499/year), Professional ($699/month), and Enterprise ($999/month)NoHelp center, tickets, live chatG2: 4 (18 reviews); Capterra: 4.3 (121 reviews)

Social media

Everyone knows that social media can be a lead generation machine for B2C, but many B2B companies still struggle to see its benefits. However, with the rise of Linkedin over the past decade, social media can be a quick, cost-effective, and relatively easy to implement for all industries.

There’s no quick fix or silver bullet win it comes driving more leads through social media. But there are several tools and best practices that can help automate the process. Besides LeadConnect (reviewed below), B2B companies should take full advantage of the lead ad tools from Facebook, as well as the lead form tools from LinkedIn.

Lead Connect


Lead Connect is an automated outreach platform for LinkedIn where users can send automated, yet personalized, followups, and invitations. To find people to invite, you have to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to define your audience, email those individuals, follow up with them, and then sync them to Hubspot. There is also a Blacklist function, which is used to avoid sending a request to people that other team members have already contacted.

Top features

  • Create and manage your approach with customer insights
  • Send connection requests automatically at scheduled times
  • Followup messages are automatically stopped if a reply is detected
  • Apart from syncing your prospects, Lead Connect enriches them and helps you grow your account organically.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Professional ($25/month), Grow ($45/month), and Ultimate ($85/month). A Free Forever Plan are also available.Free plan and trial availableLive chat, email, phone, help deskG2: 4.8 (3 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (49 reviews)


A proper lead generation strategy has a lot of moving parts, and if you’re not organized, things can get out of hand quickly if you’re new to lead gen or finally giving it a shot. An all in one tool might be the solution if you can afford it.

These tools follow prospects throughout the sales funnel – often tracking users from the first time they make contact with your business. Lead generation is more than just impressions. It’s also about collecting user data, and nurturing leads into satisfied customers and raving fans.

Pardot by Salesforce

pardot by salesforce

Pardot is a marketing automation software that enables you to create and manage your online marketing campaigns and retain existing customers while gaining new ones. With its streamlined lead management, users can qualify, and nurture leads far more efficiently.

You can automate tedious processes in your account, manage content, create forms, landing pages, send emails, and launch campaigns. You can even run paid ads, all from one place.

Top features

  • Lead generation and marketing automation that integrates with Salesforce
  • Build personalized email templates and test them for spam filter compliance
  • Gather leads with landing pages, forms, and Google AdWords integration
  • Build automated Engagement Program workflows to send emails and update details on contacts
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Growth ($1,250/month), Plus ($2,500/month), and Advanced ($4,000/month)Free demo availableLive chat, phone, customer hub, resource libraryG2: 3.9 (1689 reviews); Capterra: 4.1 (510 reviews)

HubSpot Marketing Hub

hubspot marketing hub

HubSpot describes its Marketing Hub as “everything you need to run successful inbound marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer.” From website and landing page design, to email marketing, to content strategy, to testing and tracking and more, Hubspot’s Marketing Hub ties all lead generation efforts together, and lets you create highly personalized content for B2B lead generation..

Top features

  • Email tools and drip campaigns with fully automated triggers
  • Quickly build, launch, and A/B test landing pages with leads
  • Live chat widget helps you engage with prospective customers
  • Automatically record and organize every action a lead takes, throughout their customer journey, and transfer it to the HubSpot or Salesforce CRM. Easily find out the ROI of your efforts.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Starter ($50/month), Professional ($800/month), and Enterprise ($200+/month)Free basic plan availableLive chat, email, phone, help center, vast resource libraryG2: 4.3 (5639 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (3964 reviews)



Growlabs marketing automation software helps you generate engage, follow, and convert leads, and couples “targeted B2B data with powerful automation.” Cisco, Square, Instapage and more are among the companies that trust Growlabs

Top features

  • Lead prospecting: Outline your ideal customer profile, and Growlabs will prospect current and relevant leads who match this profile, with verified contact information.
  • Automated follow-up and lead nurturing: Create tags, triggers and rules to automatically follow up with leads via email, based on their email opens, replies, and clicks, to nurture leads.
  • Smart inbox: Sales-ready leads are flagged and sent to sales reps, so you know they need your focus.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
N/AFree demo availableEmail, phone, live chatN/A



Simple to use, affordable, and versatile, SharpSpring brings accessible marketing automation to B2B businesses of all sizes. The platform boasts a wealth of features, including behavior-based email marketing, dynamic forms, landing page and blog construction, social media management, CRM and app integrations, and universal CMS compatibility.

Top features

  • Dynamic forms: Autofill lead form fields for repeat visitors to your site, saving them time and leading to more conversions.
  • VisitorID: Identify visitors to your site, and use behavior-based tracking to figure out what makes them tick. Plus, your most prime leads of the day are highlighted via email.
  • Detailed email marketing: Send personalized emails and receive detailed data on each interaction, so you can send your messages at the optimum time.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
1,500 contacts ($550/month), 10,000 contacts ($850/month). 20,000 contacts ($1,250/month). Agency and Enterprise plans are also available.Free demo availableSupport portal with tickets, help docs, contextual help in-appG2: 4.4 (441 reviews); Capterra: 4.5 (515 reviews)



Keap automates your marketing, sales, and business processes all in one place, helping you stay organized while providing your team with the confidence they need to close more deals. Make sure every lead receives the right message at the right time automatically throughout their customer journey, and manage your sales process with custom pipelines and workflows. Improve your sales performance with detailed reports and insights, all with a few simple clicks.

Top features

  • Keap pipeline: Tracks all current and prospective clients throughout the buyer’s journey, from new leads to seasoned customers, and move leads through the pipeline with automation to get closer to closing. Prompts help you move leads along quickly.
  • Automated messaging: “Set up an automatic process for sending texts and emails to new leads with pre-written emails you can customize that guide your lead to the next step,” plus appropriate emails when leads moved from stage to stage. In fact, automate basically any process you wish with Keap’s flexible automation tools.
  • Built-in CRM: No need for a separate CRM, as Keap is a CRM at its core.
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Keap Grow ($79/month), Keap Pro ($149/month), and InfusionSoft Plan ($199/month)Free demo availableLive chat, email, help centerG2: 4 (895 reviews); Capterra: 4.1 (1040 reviews)

Referral marketing

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” And that couldn’t be more true for B2B referral marketing. A well-executed referral program can 10x your growth in a year. The reason being is that referred customers typically have shorter sales cycles because there’s a level of built-in trust.

People are more open and receptive to sales calls when your reps can mention the name of a trusted colleague or friend. The best part is, referral marketing practically pays for itself with satisfied customers spreading the word.

Referral Rock

referral rock

Referral Rock referral program software helps any business get more customers using the power of their existing network. Online and brick-and-mortar businesses can design incentive-based programs, enroll existing customers and partners, capture new leads and sales, and automatically issue rewards.

Referral Rock automates every step of the process so a business can scale and consistently measure the success of referral marketing programs. This software has the flexibility to be used for customer referrals, employee referrals, partner and affiliate programs, and more.

Top features

  • Automates the asking of referrals through all available channels
  • Tracks and captures referrals from e-commerce purchases, demos, trials, and subscriptions
  • There are hundreds of options to fulfill customer rewards
  • API and Zapier integration, but no integrations required to start
PricingDemo / Free trial availableCustomer serviceReview score
Starter ($200/month), Growth ($400/month), and Established ($800/month)Free demo and trial available​​Onboarding specialists, customer success managers, chat support, product and resource guides, support center, webinarsCapterra: 4.5 (47 reviews)

In conclusion

B2B lead generation software is a valuable tool, and when multiple tools are brought together as one, and used correctly and efficiently, will help any business to grow, flourish, and thrive. Whether it is for a large business or solo entrepreneurship, it is best to choose the lead generation software that fits your needs.

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