Compare 31 Best Online Reputation Management Services

Reputation management is important, no matter what type of business you have. Here's a list of online reputation management services to help your reputation.

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We can all agree the internet is by far one of the best tools a business can use. It makes it easy to reach out to customers, it also allows you to connect with new people. It’s a dream come true. It could also be your worst nightmare as a business. Think about viral videos, tweets, memes.

The easiest way to always stay in a positive light is to always provide a positive experience. But that isn’t always possible. Whether it be a rogue employee. Or a disgruntled customer. Negative comments and reviews can downplay how great of a business you are.

Therefore, building up your positive testimonials and reviews is essential. Luckily, there are plenty of online reputation management services out there to help you with this quest.

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What are online reputation management services?

Let’s go over what online reputation management services are and what they are not. It’s not always about deleting negative reviews (though some do warrant a quick delete). Sometimes it’s about showcasing how you (the business) take care of issues that arise. Therefore meaning addressing the problem can be a huge win for you as the company. So when negative alerts come in, you can assess how to take care of the situation and react.

Online reputation management, also known as ORM, is essentially improving and controlling your brand. Your business is not only determined by what you post online, but what people write about you on the web.

When considering a reputation management service to help your business, you want to look at these four main sections: monitoring, analytics, influence, and control.

Categories of online reputation management software and services

Keep in mind that there are several types of online reputation management software that fall into the category of reputation management services and tools. Here, we’ll cover a few of these categories.

1. Review management software

Review management software helps you automate asking for reviews from the right customers, so you are more likely to get positive reviews. Some review management software also alerts you to new reviews as they happen, so you can always find your top reviews and thank the advocates who wrote them. These advocates may then be willing to promote you in another way.

People who leave positive reviews are some of your best advocates because so many potential customers seek out the opinions of people who have used your products before they decide whether to purchase from you.

2. Brand mention tools

Brand mention tools alert you whenever someone mentions your brand name online, categorizes these mentions as positive or negative, and alerts you to how often certain individuals talk about your brand. That way, you can immediately take the needed actions to manage your reputation: promote the positive, and act to stop the negative before it spreads. Considering that, this is why this type of reputation management software has become so popular.

Brand mention software can help you find your biggest fans on social media, based on the number and content of their mentions. Then, you can contact these fans right through the software, to thank them and possibly recruit them as brand ambassadors.

3. NPS software

A lot of reputation management services include, or are dedicated to, NPS scoring. Essentially, NPS scores tell a business how likely its customers are to refer a friend to the business. Remember, people do business with the companies and people they can trust. Most people trust their friend’s recommendations.

NPS software is a great source of help for better categorizing your customers. As a result, you can act to resolve the issues that your “detractors” have before they damage your brand reputation, and help you harness your brand promoters to build up a positive reputation.

This also allows you to focus on increasing your customer loyalty. Thus improving in areas so that your business can excel. Calculating your NPS is a great way to determine if you are ready to put in place a referral program. As they rely on happy customers. You can also establish which referral incentives will engage customers the most.

Why use online reputation management services?

Maintaining a positive online presence can be hard, but it’s essential to building a relationship and relationship marketing. This is exactly why there’s a good reason to choose a reputation defender. Besides, who has time to sift through every single review on their own?

Remember consumers do research before making purchases. Therefore it’s important to make sure you are ranking well. Thus, having a positive online presence is essential to the success of any business.

Using an online reputation management software works well to give you a better online presence and glowing reviews. A low rating can mean a lower percentage of sales – which is not good for business. An effective way to boost referrals is to track reviews and respond to negative reviews on time. This gives the reviewer the opportunity to be heard And will likely increase their chances of deleting or changing the negative review.

Reputation management software picks

With a little help from our reputation management friends, we’ve put together a list of the best online reputation management services and software. First, let’s go over the criteria we’re using to evaluate the software.

Evaluation criteria Description
Free trialCan you preview the reputation management service/software for free before you buy?
PriceHow much does the software cost per commitment period?
Customer service and supportWhat assistance does the company offer to make your experience using the service seamless (such as live chat or a help desk)?
Review scoreHow do users of the software or service rate it, out of 5 stars? We usually aggregate reviews from two popular software review sites to get this score. Where software site reviews weren’t available, we highlighted star ratings from other sites if possible.
Top featuresWe outline the main features of this software or service.
What makes them different?Our brief breakdown of why this reputation management software/service stands out.

The best online reputation management services

Using our evaluation criteria, we put together a list of the top best online reputation management services. The table below lists down all the software we cover in this article. Click the tool to read more about the company and its most popular features below.

Note: The software is not listed in any order of rank or recommendation. Our aim is to put together a selected source of online reputation management services, and give a clear picture of all the available options.

Reputation management companyFree trialPriceCustomer service and support
Trustpilot is one platform that lets you embrace the power of customer reviews.Yes$0-$549/monthSupport center, live chat
Reputation-Marketing is a customer intelligence platform that helps you build a positive online presence.Yes$199-$399/monthLive chat
Rocket Referrals grows your business through building loyal customer relationships.Yes$80-$150/monthHelp center, email, phone
Reputation 911 is a full-service reputation management agency.No$195-$995/month and one-timePhone, email
Spotlight helps you stay engaged with your past customers automatically.Yes$179-249/monthLive chat, phone, resource library and NPS provide insights that make it obvious where to take action that results in growth.Yes$79-479/monthLive chat, phone, help center, API docs
Nearby Now will help you take control of your reputation and generate more leads.Yes$129-$499/monthEmail, phone
Future Solutions makes online reputation management easy and efficient.NoN/AEmail, phone is the best review management software for local SEOs, agencies, and brands.Yes$180-$2,500/monthLive chat, email, knowledge base
ReviewBuzz is a patent-pending software that helps you get the most online reviews on the sites that matter.Yes$199/monthEmail, phone, live chat is designed with one goal, to increase customer trust in your brand.Yes$45-$299/monthPhone, live chat, support center, resource library
Power Reviews delivers software and network products to generate buyers.YesN/AEmail, phone, webinars, resource library
BirdEye is the platform that drives your customers to become your marketing engine.YesN/AEmail, phone, live chat, support portal
GatherUp helps you get customer feedback and online reviews to help boost your reputation.Yes$75-$199/monthEmail, knowledge base, webinars, resource library
Ask Nicely allows you to retain customers, increase referrals and grow revenue using real-time NPS.No$375/monthEmail, phone, live chat, help docs
ReviewTrackers lets you achieve your highest ratings.No$49-$59/monthPhone, support portal, resource library
Mention provides you with in-depth brand intelligence tailored to your business.Yes$29-$99/monthEmail, phone, resource library
Yotpo helps you get reviews, drive traffic, increase sales, and create actionable insights.NoN/AEmail, live chat, support portal, help center provides you with the most unified social media and customer experience management platform around.NoN/AEmail, live chat, resource hub, help center
ReviewInc is an affordable review and reputaion managemnet system for businesses.No$39-199/monthEmail, phone, live chat, extended customer support, support library
Awario is the most immediate way to learn about new mentions.Yes$29-$299/monthEmail, live chat, help center, resource library, video tutorials
Reputology is the Review Management and Monitoring platform that helps multi-location businesses improve.Yes$10-$49/monthEmail, live chat
Rising Star Reviews the platform that allows you to start getting reviews today from happy customers.Yes$20/monthEmail support from an expert marketer
NiceJob the software makes it easy to build a good reputation.Yes$45-$75/monthEmail, phone, l;ive chat, help center, esource library
Igniyte helps you identify and challenge negative content.NoN/AEmail, phone
Get More Reviews allows you to easily monitor your reputation.Yes$99/monthPhone, live chat
The Hoth lets you handle negative reviews privately, helping your reputation.NoN/AEmail, phone, support portal
Local Clarity helps multi-location brands aggregate and manage reviews.Yes$20/monthEmail, phone, live chat, resource library
Synup lets you spend more time running your business without worrying about your local presence.Yes$30/monthPhone, live chat, resource library, webinars
Trustalyze is the only free reputation management tool that uses a confidence system.Yes$0-$39/monthEmail, phone, live chat
Net Reputation are experts in helping you take back control of your reputation.No$500-$5,000/monthEmail, phone, live chat


trustpilotTrustpilot is a global online review community. It aims to build trust and transparency between consumers and businesses. Therefore, consumers can review any company. As long as they’ve had a buying or service experience with that company. Whether it be a customer service request, a phone call or an email interaction.

For this reason, Trustpilot has become a go-to consumer resource for online reputation management services. Trustpilot offers free and paid services. Any company can use Trustpilot for free and invite their customers to review them.

Top features

  • Google review partner
  • Widgets
  • In-depth review statistics
  • Product reviews
  • Search engine ratings
  • Monitor reviews

What makes them different?
Trustpilot’s biggest advantage is that it’s an open platform. For that reason, anyone can write a review. That makes this type of online reputation management service easy for almost anyone to use, as long as they’ve had a genuine buying or service experience with the company they are reviewing. A transparent platform will generate the most authentic and honest content. When you write a review on Trustpilot, it’s posted without moderation.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$0-$549/monthSupport center, live chat4.35 (632 reviews)

reputation (formerly Reputation Aegis) is a customer intelligence platform. It offers advanced customer satisfaction surveys and integrated online reputation management. acts as a brand image builder. Consequently creating a long-term shield to protect businesses.

Top features

  • API
  • Bulk import
  • Customized messages
  • Drip-feed sending
  • Mobile friendly
  • Email cleaning
  • Free trial

What makes them different? monitors your online reputation across 594 review sites worldwide – 101 in the United States, 88 in the United Kingdom – which makes them more than able to reach your goals.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$199-$399/monthLive chat5 (1 review)

Rocket Referrals

rocket referralsRocket Referrals is all about relationship marketing. Therefore, it focuses on the existing client base of a business. The goal is to send personalized touch points. That both maintain personal relationships and leverage the business to increase sales. This happens by first evaluating the loyalty of individual clients. Then using psychology-driven content to influence desired behavior.

Top features

  • Negative alerts
  • Personalized emails
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer testimonials
  • Handwritten cards
  • Prewritten content

What makes them different?
Rocket Referrals is an optimized solution with psychology, research, and best practices pre-configured. There are no campaigns to configure. Thus the software is as simple as data in, results out.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$80-$150/monthHelp center, email, phone5 (78 reviews)

Reputation 911

reputation 911Reputation911 is a reputation management service that specializes in the removal and suppression of inaccurate and unwanted search results. Giving its clients the freedom and control to portray themselves as they wish online. Therefore, this type of reputation management software might be exactly what your business is looking for.

Top features

  • Monitor search results
  • Promote your brand
  • Investigate false information
  • Content creation
  • Social media integrations

What makes them different?
Reputation911’s team will create a custom reputation management approach. And because of proven strategies, restore current online reputation. And if needed, promote and protect their future professional brand.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
No$195-$995/monthly and one-timePhone, emailN/A


customer lobby spotlightSpotlight (powered by Customer Lobby), helps local businesses get more reviews. On sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and across the web. They automate the process by syncing with the business invoicing system. Once customers make a transaction, they receive a request to leave a review.

Top features

  • Direct connect
  • Customer reviews
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Tracking and optimization

What makes them different?
Spotlight can call customers directly to get reviews. They also enable businesses to collect reviews by mobile app or paper/fax. Spotlight also offers an automated customer retention program.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$179-$249/monthLive chat, phone, resource library4 (98 reviews) is a comprehensive customer intelligence platform and reputation management service. It’s built to help companies increase revenue and reduce churn with customer feedback.

All driven by NPS (Net Promoter). We are a simple to use self-service tool that caters to any company. Big or small, brick and mortar or online who are looking to tap into the power of their customers.

Top features

  • Full feature API
  • Multi-campaign support
  • In-app response system
  • Data trend analysis
  • Custom scheduling
  • Drip campaigns
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Historical customer tracking

What makes them different?
Promoter offers customers enterprise-level features at entry point pricing. Also, the most advanced pre-survey feature set in the industry. They offer comprehensive analytics and data mining toolset that’s unmatched anywhere.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$79-479/monthLive chat, phone, help center, API docs4.5 (43 reviews)

Nearby Now

nearby-now-networkNearby Now makes it easy for businesses to create dynamic and rich content that drives leads. All local businesses can benefit. All a business has to do is drop a check-in pin at the location of service. Whether it be a client’s property or a brick and mortar store.

Top features

  • Local SEO
  • Leaderboard
  • Real-time reporting
  • Mobile friendly

What makes them different?
Nearby Now makes it easy for businesses to build their online reputation. By telling search engines their story via their own website.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$129-$499/monthEmail, phoneN/A

Future Solutions

future solutionsFuture Solutions is a reputation management service that can help with reputation monitoring for small and medium businesses. It helps you gain control of your online presence.

Top features

  • Review notifications
  • Review generation
  • Keyword alerts
  • Testimonial display
  • Social content generation

What makes them different?
Reputation management for all budgets and businesses.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
NoN/APhone, email4.93 (17 reviews) is a white-label review management and marketing platform. The platform offers a suite of tools to convert happy customers into reviewers, recover disgruntled customers and pre-empt negative reviews, monitor customer reviews across third-party review sites, and capture and amplify positive reviews.

Top features

  • Widget
  • White label
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Customized messaging
  • Auto-publishes positive reviews

What makes them different? is also marketer-centric, giving marketers and agencies flexibility to deliver services white-labeled under your brand. Its platform offers comprehensive site integrations and monitoring, with the flexibility to customize.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$180-$2,500/monthLive chat, email, knowledge base4.75 (301 reviews)


review buzzReviewBuzz helps businesses get 5-star online reviews. Which helps you get more customers. ReviewBuzz is a patent-pending software. That helps you get the most online reviews on the sites that matter. Like Google, Yelp, Facebook and more.

Top features

  • Trust builder widget
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Social media sharing
  • Review of the week
  • Negative alerts

What makes them different?
ReviewBuzz gives each business a patented online review and customer satisfaction survey system. Making it easy to get more 5-star online reviews.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$199/monthLive chat, email, phone4.6 (8 reviews on software sites)

reviews is an independent third-party review platform. They give businesses the power to see a 360-degree view of their online reputation. Across the whole web from one dashboard.

The reputation management service invites reviews to the platforms where they are lacking a presence. This works by assigning a percentage of requests to platforms of the business’ choice.

Top features

  • Free trial
  • Review photos
  • Integration modules
  • Feature index
  • Expert answers

What makes them different? collects, monitors and publishes reviews. To Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and Amazon.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$45-$299/monthLive chat, phone, support center, resource library4.7 (41 reviews)


power reviewsPowerReviews delivers software and network products. Empowering brands and retailers to generate and display ratings and reviews. All within a single, flexible, multi-tenant SaaS platform.

Top features

  • Review accelerator
  • Review snapshot
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customization available
  • In-line SEO

What makes them different?
They don’t just generate more reviews – they get those reviews in front of more shoppers at the moment of purchase.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
YesN/APhone, email, webinars, resource library3.6 (88 reviews)


birdeyeBirdEye is an all-in-one platform. It drives your customers to become your marketing engine. With BirdEye, collecting new reviews from your customers is a breeze.

BirdEye integrates with your existing CRM to access your existing customers. They also negative alerts so you can address the situation before it escalates. Turning customer frustration into customer success.

Top features

  • Review monitoring
  • Review generation
  • Customer surveys
  • Social ticketing
  • Competitor analysis

What makes them different?
BirdEye builds you a custom SEO-optimized review microsite. Displaying all your best reviews, along with your updated business information. They also offer surveys, insights, competitor benchmarking, social listening, and social monitoring.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
YesN/ALive chat, email, phone, support portal4.8 (879 reviews)


gatherupGatherUp (formerly GetFiveStars) lets a business install a customer feedback and online review management process. The product requests and tracks customer feedback. Therefore preventing bad reviews. While pushing positive testimonials out to the business website. And encourages happy customers to leave online reviews across the Internet.

Top features

  • Mobile-friendly
  • API
  • NPS reporting
  • Testimonial widget
  • Online reviews
  • Negative alerts

What makes them different?
GatherUp focuses on providing affordable, effective, and intuitive online review platform.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$75–$199/monthEmail, knowledge base, webinars, resource library4.45 (33 reviews)


ask nicelyKeep customers, increase referrals, and grow revenue using real-time NPS. The AskNicely software measures and improve the customer experience. It collects customer feedback and integrates with your CRM.

Top features

  • NPS
  • One-click feedback
  • Simple setup
  • 25+ integrations
  • Free trial

What makes them different?
AskNicely use one-click feedback. Which improves customer response rates by 38%.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
No$375/monthLive chat, email, phone, help docs4.65 stars (773 reviews)


reviewtrackersReviewTrackers is the award-winning customer feedback software. It helps businesses transform the customer experience. The platform collects review data from 85+ review sites. Helping to enable brands to make data-driven decisions. ReviewTrackers helps busy professionals save time, money and resources. So they can focus on what matters most: their customers.

Top features

  • API
  • Mobile app
  • Single-sign-on
  • Multi-level access
  • Unlimited users
  • Review and feedback request tool
  • Daily alerts
  • Custom reporting

What makes them different?
They put customer service and user experience above all else – and won’t stop until customers are satisfied.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
No$49-$59/monthPhone, support portal, resource library4.6 (233 reviews)


mentionMention is a media monitoring and social listening app. Furthermore helping businesses see what’s said about them online. With more than 650,000 users all over the world. The tool helps any business or brand see every important conversation in real time. Clients include agencies, universities, charitable organizations, and banks.

Top features

  • Customizable and automated reports let you deliver monitoring data to any email address
  • The platform lets you build graphs using metrics that matter to you
  • They monitor television and radio broadcasts on more than 70 top review sites

What makes them different?
Clients say Mention is the easiest-to-use monitoring tool they’ve tested. Testimonials rave that the interface is attractive to look at and uncluttered, while the customer success team is available and willing to help. Mention also doen’t bill users for support time.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$29-$99/monthEmail, phone, resource library4.6 (671 reviews)


yotpoYotpo is an all-encompassing customer content platform. Most noteworthy, it helps users get new customers, drive traffic and increase sales. It’s more than a reviews solution. Users collect and leverage all types of customer content. From reviews to photos to customer Q&A. When it comes to eCommerce, the hardest thing to do is get customers to trust you.

Top features

  • Analytics
  • Mail after purchase
  • Instagram integrations
  • Yotpo Ads turn the best reviews and customer photos into high-performing ads

What makes them different?
Yotpo is an agile, data-driven platform. Above all, they provide real-time data so that brands can see the value they are getting. Yotpo is also innovating and implementing new features.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
NoN/ALive chat, email, support portal, help center4.4 (315 reviews)

falcon is how brands take control of their reputation management. It combines tools for social media listening. Including sentiment analysis with a centralized customer profile hub. Thus brands can detect and react to comments.

Top features

  • Multiple tools on one platform
  • All customer interactions are compiled in enriched individual profiles
  • Customer profiles used for highly targeted segmentation
  • Users can build responsive web pages without designers or coders
  • A unique prioritization algorithm ranks incoming social messages by importance
  • Governance and workflow features ensure brand consistency
  • The platform is plug and play

What makes them different?
Falcon bridges social media, reputation, and customer experience management. As a result, marketers can plan, execute, and test in one place, while mapping data. Their UX focuses on easing collaboration between individuals and teams.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
NoN/ALive chat, email, resource hub, help center4.3 (564 reviews


reviewincReviewInc provides an all-in-one experience for businesses. Giving them access to manage their online reputation with a stable experience. The ReviewInc platform includes an optimized email system that designed specifically to get past spam filters, which is critical when sending thousands of review requests for your product or service.

Top features

  • Automatic review alerts
  • Review site auto-fix link management
  • Star rating in Google search
  • Free US-based support
  • Affordable packages

What makes them different?
ReviewInc believes in offering value to customers. Their system does the work for you at an affordable price for unlimited users.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
No$39-$199/monthLive chat, email, phone, extended customer support, support library4.7 (10 reviews)


awarioAwario wants you to be the first to know when important conversations spark up online. In contrast, to other monitoring apps that rely on a single third-party data provider, Awario crawls over 13 billion web pages daily and is one of the most immediate ways to learn about new mentions. With Awario, users can reply to any mentions within the app and connect to as many accounts as they want.

Top features

  • Non-stop monitoring
  • Free trial
  • Negative alerts
  • Email notifications
  • Real-time monitoring of both social media platforms and the web

What makes them different?
They offer features and analytics not provided by competitors – all while being cheaper than most other professional social monitoring tools.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$29-$299/monthLive chat, email, help center, resource library, video tutorials4.3 (67 reviews)


reputology logoReputology helps multi-location businesses. Even more, it’s great for tracking all sources of customer feedback, through platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook reviews, surveys, etc. You can also respond to reviews from the platform, as well as engage unhappy customers, analyze customer sentiment, and get more organic reviews.

Top features

  • Customized email alerts
  • Single dashboard
  • Workflow tool
  • Analytics
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Automated feedback collection

What makes them different?
Reputology generates surveys with logic for routing happy customers to write reviews. While unhappy customers route to your team. They know that responding to reviews makes a difference.

  1. Higher data reliability. This is because it partners with review sites when possible.
  2. Integration into other platforms, such as HootSuite.
  3. A modular platform that can fit the exact needs of your organization.
  4. The semantic analysis provides deeper insight.
  5. Three times more effective review generation solution than typical solicitation tools.
Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$10-$49/monthLive chat, email4.8 (91 reviews)

Rising Star Reviews

rising star logoRising Star Reviews specializes in helping local businesses get more 5-star reviews. While keeping negative customer feedback private. Rising Star Reviews makes it easy to ask every customer for a review. And to do so without the fear of getting negative reviews. Businesses enter a customer’s name and email address, and the system does the rest.

Top features

  • Free trial
  • Ease of use
  • Automated customer review requests
  • Pre-screening to promote only good reviews publicly
  • Private negative feedback collection
  • No-brainer pricing for small businesses

What makes them different?
Rising Star Reviews is the ideal solution for small business owners. For that reason, it’s ideal for those who don’t have the time or budget for full-service systems. But who want to get more 5-star reviews as easy as possible.

Instead of building a comprehensive set of features, it focuses on one key goal. This helps the company get more 5-star reviews and offer the lowest price in the industry.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$20/monthEmail support from an expert marketerN/A


nicejob logoNiceJob helps small businesses grow through its automated review management software. Thus creating digital word of mouth referrals for your business. Through the NiceJob platform, users can send review requests, track customer feedback, and prevent bad reviews. All this allows NiceJob to get more good reviews with less effort.

Top features

  • Free trial
  • Review monitoring
  • Review generation
  • Email and SMS review invites
  • Automated review reminders
  • Website integration
  • Custom invite templates
  • SMS messages with photos
  • Reputation monitoring
  • 3rd party app integrations

What makes them different?
NiceJob helps businesses to get more reviews and improve online presence and visibility.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$45-$75/monthLive chat, email, phone, help center, resource library4.85 (109 reviews)


igniyte logoIgniyte is one of the leading online reputation experts, focused on auditing your existing reputation and improving online presence. It works internationally with companies, brands, and individuals, and delivers long-lasting and positive online reputations.

Top features

  • Review monitoring
  • Reputation audit
  • Optimizing assets
  • Monitoring mentions
  • Works on all search engines

What makes them different?
Igniyte commits to making progress by hitting KPIs, as well as ranking the content created and shared online on your behalf.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
NoN/AEmail, phoneN/A

Get More Reviews

get more reviewsThe Get More Reviews reputation management software helps you get reviews and much more. Get More Reviews allows businesses to generate real reviews on many sites. Including Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and BBB. They do all the setup, therefore you can sit back and get more reviews.

Top features

  • Review generation
  • Review reminders
  • Bad review blocker
  • Website and email tools
  • Auto social posting
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Reporting

What makes them different?
Get More Reviews takes care of everything. So review generation to setup is easy.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$99/monthLive chat, phone4.8 (107 reviews)

Hoth Stars by The Hoth

the hoth starsHoth reputation management software helps you get more positive customer reviews. On any site of your choice. With a single code snippet, you can collect your reviews from anywhere.When customers rate you at 4 stars or above, they are prompted to leave you a review. If they rate you lower than that, they can send you a private message to sort out the situation. Thus, giving you the chance to build up an awesome reputation. You can also choose where your reviews go, including on Google, Yelp, and many others.

Top features

  • White label reporting
  • Auto-post to social media
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Negative review prevention

What makes them different?
Hoth lets you filter through reviews so that the best ones get published, while the negative ones are handled in a manner that improves your reputation.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
NoN/AEmail, phone, support portal4 (3 reviews)

Local Clarity

local clarityLocal Clarity knows that improving your online reputation is what you need to go to the next level. Businesses all over the world use Local Clarity’s reputation management services for building relationships through direct review responses, as well as to discover insights across locations, cities, states, and countries.

Top features

  • Performance insights
  • Powerful team collaboration
  • Review management
  • Direct response

What makes them different?
The team elements found within the Local Clarity dashboard are above par. Teams can share and distribute workflows, negative reviews, and performance reviews.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$20/monthLive chat, email, phone, resource library5 (9 reviews)


synupSynup is an uncomplicated way to manage your reputation and listings. The platform syncs everywhere, meaning you to gain insight from all over the web.

It’s the all-in-one local marketing software that helps everyone. From single-location businesses, multi-location businesses, to marketing agencies. Businesses can manage their local listings easily. All from within the platform. And with easy reporting, it’s very easy to monitor all analytics. Above all, you can run a free scan to see how your business is listed on the web.

Top features

  • Location management
  • Monitor interactions
  • Analytics
  • Widgets
  • Direct response

What makes them different?
Synup comes at an excellent price, and even gives you a free scan. This allows interested customers to give the service a spin before deciding to sign on.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$30/monthLive chat, phone, resource library, webinars4 (37 reviews)


trustalyzeTrustalyze is the only online review system that uses patent-pending blockchain technology to confirm actual reviews from merchants who use the Trustalyze. The services are free and include 5,000 review transactions per month, with support for WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix, BigCommerce and custom ecommerce websites.

Top features

  • More transactions per year
  • Video reviews and product display
  • Merchants can showcase their top 3 products right on their company profile page

What makes them different?
The difference between Trustalyze and other reputation management services is that Trustalyze posts merchant reviews to our blockchain. Since blockchains are immutable, this gives a value add to our merchants and that is added trust and transparency. Also, some sites allow anyone to post a review, which opens the door to fake negative and sometimes slanderous reviews, but the Trustalyze system only allows verified reviews to come in.

For example, when a Woocommerce merchant uses a plugin for WooCommerce, Trustalyze will pull the transaction id from the credit card processor and once they confirm that they post the review to the merchant’s company profile page then on to their blockchain.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
Yes$0-$39/monthLive chat, email, phoneN/A

Net Reputation

net reputationNet Reputation assists both businesses and individuals to improve the way they look online. By implementing strategic digital marketing and modern SEO tactics, its solutions help hide or remove any negative mentions on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, as well as other online reviews, press, or social media mentions.

The company’s team of content curators work to publish high-quality and engaging content online to improve how others see you.

Top features

  • Negative search results removal
  • Online business review management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web design

What makes them different?
Net Reputation was one of the first ORM companies established back in early 2015, now ranked #208 on Inc 500 and #1 by In fact, many use Net Reputation as a white label solution for their own clients, as it also offers affordable pricing with 0% interest on financing options. The company’s customer support team works 24/7 and is always available to address any questions or concerns.

Free trialPriceCustomer service and supportReview score
No, although the company offers a free analysis/consultation.$500–$5,000/monthLive chat, email, phone4.7 (202 reviews)


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