8 Best Free Referral Program Software Services You Can Try

Looking to start a referral program for your business? Here are the best free referral software you can try before you buy.

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Looking to start a referral program for your business? Trying to compare different referral program software isn’t easy unless you have the whole blueprint of what each software provides.

You can go through the best free referral software lists or customer review sites. But they still don’t provide the information you might be looking for when it comes to referral software. Oftentimes, you’ll spend more time trying to figure out if each company can actually provide the services you need.

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Best free referral program software: Our evaluation process

We did some digging and filtered through the essential features to run a successful referral program. We wanted to make this list as short as possible, only bringing you the very best.

The result? All the referral software companies we included in our list had to provide:

  • Pricing: Being transparent when it comes to pricing should be the norm. We get that some of these referral software companies want to provide custom pricing based on your needs. However, without providing any hint and have you consult with them first to see what the price would be is a no-no for us.
  • Commitment requirements: Anyone not listing their commitment terms is also removed, we want you to compare the best pricing and the terms to help you understand and calculate your referral program ROI. So we’ve displayed if they provide only monthly, annually, or both.
  • Free trial: Providing opportunity and time to test so you can see how everything works is a big deal for us, anyone not providing any free trial won’t be on our list, so you can feel free to see what companies will help you test your new referral program, or even change your current platform to a new one.
  • Minimum of 4.5 star rating: Reviews are important, 66% of consumers said that the overall rating is the most important item on a review page. So we made sure to include the top performing software currently available. With a minimum of 4.5 star rating and enough reviews to indicate that they are not just startup that might go out of business so you can feel comfortable knowing that your referral program will last based on your business and not theirs.

What referral program software should have

Next, we determined the fundamental features a good referral program software have. Here are the key features we made sure were included in each referral software in our list:

  • Landing page and redirects
  • Sharing widgets to share links on social media and messaging apps
  • Referral tracking (codes and unique URLs)
  • Integrations and APIs to sync with all your other marketing systems (Does it work with your current system?)
  • Single all-inclusive platform for your referrers (Where can referring customers access information?)
  • Automated tasks, like reward fulfillment
  • Fraud detection

Questions to ask while choosing referral software

And lastly, before choosing a referral software, there are few things to take into consideration:

  • How scalable is the referral program software? How many participants can join before you need to upgrade to another package? Are there any other limitations?
  • What is the cost of these packages?
  • Does the referral software provide custom packages based on your business growth?

With this in place, you can now focus on which referral marketing software best caters to your business needs.

Here are the 8 best free referral software services

Free referral softwarePricingFree demo or trialWho's it for?Capterra/Get App Review
Referral Rock$200-$800/monthFree demo and trial availableEcommerce, B2B, B2C, SaaS, small-to-medium businesses, local businesses, enterprise, organizations4.5
GeniusReferral$49-$499/monthFree demo and trial availableLocal services and businesses4.5
Link TrustN/AFree demo and trial availableB2B4.5
ReferralCandy$49 - $3,999/monthFree demo and trial availableEcommerce4.5
ReferralHero$49-$199/monthFree demo and trial availableSmall-to-medium businesses, large companies4.5
Rocket Referrals$180-$215/monthFree demo and trial availableEcommerce, local business5
Sales Camp$39-$299/monthFree trial availableEcommerce, SaaS4.5
Viral Loops$49-$299/monthFree demo and trial availableEcommerce, B2C, B2B, SaaS, small-to-medium businesses4.5

Referral Rock

Referral Rock’s offer: Your all-in-one referral software and a complete partner and affiliate marketing platform

Who’s it for: Ecommerce, B2B, B2C, SaaS, small-to-medium businesses, local businesses, enterprise, organizations

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
Starter ($200/month), Growth ($400/month), Established business ($800/month)Free demo and trial available​​Onboarding specialists, customer success managers, chat support, product and resource guides, support center, webinars4.5


front page genius referral

GeniusReferrals offer:Referral program software that works as hard as you do

Who’s it for: Local services and businesses

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
Starter ($49/month), Silver ($129/month), Gold ($249/month), and Platinum ($499/month)Free demo and trial availableDIY4.5


front page linktrust

LinkTrust‘s offer:The most trusted platform in performance marketing

Who’s it for: B2B

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
N/AFree demo and trial availableN/A4.5


front page referral candy
ReferralCandy‘s offer:Grow your sales through word-of-mouth marketing

Who’s it for: Ecommerce

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
Premium ($49/month) and Enterprise ($3,999/month)Free demo and trial availableDIY, templates4.5


front page referral hero
ReferralHero‘s offer:Imagine growing your business 5%-10% a month. Every month.

Who’s it for: Small-to-medium businesses, large companies

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
Basic ($49/month), Pro ($99/month), Premium ($199/month)Free demo and trial availableDIY4.5

Rocket Referrals

front page rocket referral
Rocket Referrals‘ offer:Client communication made simple.

Who’s it for: Ecommerce, local businesses

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
Pro ($180), Pro + Text ($195), Pro + Premium ($215)Free demo or trialHandwritten cards, templates5

Sales Camp

front page sales camp
Sales Camp‘s offer:Grow your business through word-of-mouth referrals

Who’s it for: Ecommerce, SaaS

PricingFree demo or trialType of servicesReview score
Starter ($39/month), Growth ($79/month), Pro ($149/month), Enterprise ($299/month)Free trial availableDIY4.5

Viral Loops

front page viral loop
Viral Loops‘ offer:Referral marketing made easy for everyone.

Who’s it for: Ecommerce, B2C, B2B, SaaS, small-to-medium businesses

PricingFree demo or trialServicesReview score
Start-up ($49/month), Growing ($99/month), and Power ($299/month)Free demo and trial availableOnboarding, DIY, coaching, templates4.5


With word of mouth being a great driver of business growth, we recommend looking at all the referral program alternatives out there and choosing the one that fits your unique needs.

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