31 Tools to Create Social Media Graphics For Your Brand

One of the best ways to stand out on social media is to use visuals. We list the top tools to create social media graphics – that don't require any training.

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You can say it in 140 characters, a lengthy Twitter thread, or descriptive caption. Or, you can use one attention-grabbing image.

Visual posts get 94% more views and 40 times more shares than text-only posts. Furthermore, we retain 80% of what we see, versus only 20% of what we read.

But how do we create social media graphics? If you’re a prolific poster or don’t have much design experience, coming up with all this visual content is a challenge.

To make things easier, we put together a list of top social media design tools. You’ll find options for all different social media platforms, as well as some additional resources for free images.

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What are social media design tools?

Social media design tools are any software used to create images and graphics for social media. These tools can be web-based, software programs downloaded for offline use, or mobile apps.

There are many full-fledged graphics editors, like Adobe Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. However, their functionality goes way beyond what’s needed for social media graphic design.

In this article, we focus on software specifically to create social media graphics. We also prioritize easy-to-use tools that help non-designers create a variety of images – infographics, GIFs, videos, and more – all optimized for digital posts.

What features to look for in social media design tools

The purpose of using a social media design tool is to create images as quickly and easily as possible. To do this, the following features are what you should be looking for:

1. Photo editing tools

To create images faster, it helps to have preset templates, filters, different font styles, and other asset libraries. Most design interfaces today are drag-and-drop, allowing you to quickly apply changes and see the final image as you work.

2. Social media optimizations

Start by choosing a template that fits the social media platform of your choice (a Facebook cover image, an Instagram profile pic). This gives your design the right aspect ratio, dimension, and resolution.

3. Saves and shares images

If you’re working with a team or prefer planning your content calendar in advance, being able to save and share images can be a big help. This functionality usually depends on the type of plan you get, but it’s good to check if it’s available to you.

4. Convenient

Where do you plan to design your social media images? Tools can be web-based, mobile-only, or available across all platforms. Make sure the social media design tool can be used where it’s most convenient for you and your team before signing on.

Do you need a social media design tool?

Are you on more than two social media platforms? Do you post several times a week? A day?

If social media plays a major part in your brand strategy, there are a lot of benefits in using a tool for your social media graphic designs. Even if you’re not creating too many visuals at the moment, it’s a good idea to consider adding some to your content mix.

No matter what platform you use, social media posts with images are shown to boost traffic, increase engagement, and strengthen your brand.

By adding key elements, like your logo or brand identity colors, you can expand your reach every time someone reposts or shares your content with their network.

If you also work across teams or platforms, a social media graphics tool can help streamline all your social media efforts.

To help boost your social media strategy, there are a few other software tools you may want to consider:

The evaluation criteria

Evaluation criteria Description
PricingHow much does the software cost? What different plans are available? Are you required to commit for an entire year, or are monthly plans available?
Free plan or trialDoes the company offer a free plan or trial period for you to try out the software before purchase?
Software typeDoes the software come as a mobile app, web app, or require a download straight to your desktop?
Customer service and supportHow does the company help assist you when using the software? What are the ways you can contact them for questions or issues?
Review scoreHow do existing users of the social media design tool rate the program? Based on an aggregate score from top review sites, our rating is out of 5 stars and indicates how many people reviewed the software tool.
Notable featuresWhat makes this social media design tool stand out? We’ve broken down the top features of each, such as photo editing tools, library of templates, and ease of use.

31 tools to create social media graphics

Below are the best tools to create social media graphics for your brand. You can filter them by type of plan, graphic, and software, or browse our entire list below to see which works best for you.

Note: The software is searchable and not listed in any order of rank or recommendation. Our aim is to put together a list of the best tools to create social media graphic designs, and give a clear picture of all the available options.

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Filter by type of software:


vsco-logoBuilt “for creators, by creators,” VSCO was launched in 2011 to support the creative journey from start to finish. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices, enabling users to take and edit photos using preset filters and editing tools. VSCO is driven by self-expression, and also offers users a source of community and education to unlock their creative potential.

Key features

  • Basic presets: Elevate photos in a few taps with a selection of unique presets – from classic black and white to faded and moody.
  • Standard editing tools: Adjust specific elements of your images and videos, save a series of edits (called “recipes”) for future use, and organize all your tools to suit your workflow..
  • A content community: Discover new perspectives, share your own, and connect with a community free from follower counts, comments, or ads.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free and Membership ($19.99/year)Free download and free 7-day paid membership trialiOS and Android devicesHelp center, support ticket system, community support, tutorials (for members)NA

Photoscape X

photoscape xPhotoscape X (the current version of Photoscape) is a graphics editing program developed in Korea. Operating only on Windows and Mac, the desktop software offers everything you need to edit photos taken from both your mobile or a digital camera. The company’s first release was in 2008, and since then, it’s only added more features, effects, language packages, and improved UI.

Key features

  • Robust features: An all-in-one photo editing software, with a photo viewer, film effects, frames, brushes collage, GIF creation, RAW image conversion, and more.
  • Batch processing and automation: Resize, convert, or rename multiple images all at once, or record actions to use for your future editing projects.
  • Library of screencast tutorials: Videos walk you through every type of task, such as creating a GIF, removing blemishes, and making a collage.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free and Photoscape X Pro ($39.99)Free planWindows and MacOSEmail, help screencasts4.6 (86 reviews)


befunky-logoThe team at Befunky believe “you don’t need to be an expert in photo editing and graphic design… our tools are made for everyone.” With this in mind, the platform aims to be the most advanced photo editing/creative tool you will ever use, where no advanced technical knowledge is required. Befunky mainly focuses on three areas: photo editing, graphic design, and photo collages.

Key features

  • Photo editing features: A photo editor that has essential editing tools, such as crop, resize, and exposure, to more unique effects, like their original Cartoonizer, oil painting, and pop art effects.
  • Graphic design features: Templates, tools, a drag-and-drop interface, as well as partnerships with stock image sites Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash.
  • Photo collage features: A Collage Wizard, where you can upload photos and immediately see hundreds of the best layout options.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free and BeFunky Plus ($6.99/month)Free planiOS and Android devices, web appHelp center, tutorials, user guides, support tickets4.2 (50 reviews)


over-logoOver had its start with a simple “text over photos” app, often used for sharing goals and inspirational quotes. Now, it’s a multifaceted tool for individuals and businesses, with features to edit photos, make logos, flyers, and much more. The company was recently acquired by GoDaddy, which allows it to expand its capabilities and empower users with the impactful, creative tools they need to express themselves with beautiful social media designs.

Key features

  • Library of creative assets: Look professional with just a few quick customizations, drawing from a selection of hand-curated templates, layouts, stock photography, and fonts.
  • Easy-to-use editing tools: Create eye-catching designs and make them your own with a complete set of tools, from blending and masking to editing in isolated layers.
  • Collaborate with teams: Over Teams allows you to work with teams or groups of people (max. 30) can share and comment on projects.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free, Pro ($69.99/yr.), and Over Teams ($69.99/month)Free plan and free trial (for Pro and Over Teams)iOS and Android devices, web appSupport center4.7 (27 reviews)

Adobe Spark

adobe-spark-logoAs part of the popular Adobe Suite, Adobe Spark was specifically built for online and mobile design. The easy-to-use platform allows you to create stunning social media graphic designs, professional web pages, and even short videos. What sets Adobe Spark apart from the company’s other programs is that it’s free. It’s positioned as an alternative, mobile-friendly solution that allows you to create social media images in minutes, and share in an instant.

Key features

  • Spark Post (for social media graphics): Pick a photo, add text, and select from a multitude of design filters or animations to instantly stand out from the crowd.
  • Spark Pages (for web pages): Easily create beautiful, engaging web stories that will look amazing on any device.
  • Spark Video (for videos): Select from professional-quality soundtracks, cinematic motion, and finish compelling short videos in minutes.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Starter (free), Individual ($9.99/month), and Team ($19.99/month)Free plan and free trial (for Individual)iOS and Android devices, web appHelp center, support community, ticket support, dedicated 24/7 technical phone support (for Team plan)4.5 (872 reviews)


canva-logoOne of the most popular tools for creating social media graphics, Canva is a robust platform where you can “design anything.” Its graphic design platform has everything you need to create beautiful designs with your team. Canva is particularly known for its attractive templates, available with various styles, and ready for immediate use in your social media designs.

Key features

  • Easy to use: “It only takes 23 seconds to learn,” with the platform’s intuitive interface, user-friendly editing tools, and drag-and-drop feature.
  • Convenient templates and designs: Access hundreds of thousands of free templates and design types, each pre-made with the exact social media platform dimensions. (There’s also an option to print out your designs.)
  • Free storage: Even the free plan comes with a limited amount of storage so you can edit and save your social media graphics on the go.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free, Pro (starts at $12.95/month), Enterprise (starts at $30/month/person), and Custom (non-profit and education plans available)Free plan and free trial for Pro and EnterpriseiOS and Android devices, web appHelp center, design school courses, 24/7 enterprise-level support (for Enterprise)4.7 (10,478 reviews)


stencil-logoPositioned as “the web’s favorite graphic design tool,” Stencil’s goal is to help you design images faster than ever. The platform is built to design the same high-quality social media graphics, in a fraction of the time. Not only is stencil available as a web app, it also comes as a browser extension and CMS plugin. This convenience allows you to create visual content quickly and conveniently, no matter where you are.

Key features

  • Create images on the fly: Work using a Chrome Extension, Firefox Add-on, Safari Extension or WordPress plugin, easily saving images or highlighting text anywhere online.
  • Wealth of resources: Access to 4,800,000+ royalty-free images (with new ones added each week), 3,100,000+ icons and graphics, 1,200+ templates, all the Google fonts, and even a library of 100,000+ quotes.
  • Preview and share: See a live preview in seconds, with the ability to toggle between desktop and mobile. Once you’re happy with your graphic, you can share it straight to social media or schedule it through Buffer.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free, Pro ($15/month), and Unlimited ($20/month)Free planWeb app, browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), and as a WordPress pluginFAQ, support center, email4.8 (450 reviews)


typito-logoTypito offers all the necessary editing capabilities – drag-and-drop interface, free images and templates, etc. – for social media videos. The easy video maker creates professional-grade videos with custom text, fonts, logos, and your own branding elements. Videos can be easily created using Typito’s web-based platform, and then immediately published to top social media platforms.

Key features

  • Instant captions: Add text captions manually, or generate them using a speech-to-text converter, and render them perfectly for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  • Precise video sizing: Create videos across 20+ formats instantly, with precise aspect ratios, like 1:1 square letterbox, 9:16 vertical, and 16:9 widescreen.
  • Live video preview: Get a real-time preview of how the final video looks like, leaving no room for no surprises after export.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Starter ($29/month), Professional ($66/month), and Premium ($149/month)Free trialWeb appHelp center, community support, email4.8 (63 reviews)


piktochart-logoPiktochart helps users create engaging, info-rich visuals. Its all-in-one visual content maker easily turns any text or data into a beautiful infographic, presentation, or report – ready for printing or posting on social media. Whether you’re a marketer or blogger or business owner, you can use Piktochart to develop impactful graphics that speak to your audience.

Key features

  • Quick creation: A free library of graphics, design components, and templates make the designing process quick and easy.
  • Custom branding: Drag your logo or screenshot of your site, and see your brand colors auto-magically extracted. You can also upload custom fonts and color palettes to any social media image you want to create.
  • Integrate with complex data: Link an Excel or Google Sheet, ad easily create a visual story using the platform’s robust charts and maps.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free, Pro ($29/month), Team ($99/month/5 seats), and CustomFree plan and demoWeb app (Chrome or Firefox)Help center, video tutorials, chat4.8 (63 reviews)


desygnerlogoDesygner describes itself as a “design tool for non-designers.” Although the platform is extremely powerful, it’s simple to use and includes a variety of ready-to-go templates and design assets. As a cross-platform design editor, Desygner offers tools to create, edit, and distribute beautiful graphics on social media – with no previous design experience necessary.

Key features

  • Market localization engine: An algorithm allows you to set a high-level structure that cascades to the rest of your team, supporting global, regional, or national expansion.
  • Multiple integrations: Import PDFs or design files from Adobe InDesign or Photoshop, and then share your designs through your social media platform of choice, website, CRM, email, a link, and more.
  • Professional design service: As a one-stop design solution, you can avail of design services for small one-time projects or global graphic design projects.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free, Pro+ ($4.95/month), and Enterprise (contact for pricing)Free plan and trialiOS and Android devices, web appKnowledge base, email, 24/7 global localized support (for Enterprise)4.5 (9 reviews)


snappa-logoSnappa was created to be the fastest way for non-designers to create online graphics – all editing can be done with just a few clicks. Used by thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, and non-designers, the software enables you to create a wide range of graphics for social media, display ads, blog posts, and more.

Key features

  • Professional templates and assets: Choose from thousands of pre-made templates and high-res stock photos that earn you more attention, clicks, and customers.
  • Designed for speed: Add text and effects in seconds, remove backgrounds with one click, and resize your social media designs in a flash – leaving you more time to grow your business and relationships.
  • Snappa for teams: Save your brand elements and designs to a team folder, and your entire team will be able to view, edit, or download it wherever they are.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Starter (free), Pro ($10/month), Team ($20/month/ 5 users), and CustomFree planWeb app (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on Windows or MacOS)Knowledge base, FAQ, email4.6 (33 reviews)

Remix by Buffer

rmx-by-bufferLaunched by the team at Buffer just this year, Remix specializes in a simple, but important task – transforming any link, tweet, or story into a beautiful instagram post. You can transform tweets into photos. Products into Stories. With Remix, you can share content in a way that’s quick, efficient, and completely on-brand. Remix is available as a free mobile app, and helps streamline your workflows and design social media graphics that engage your audience.

Key features

  • Grab content using links: No more screenshotting website pages or social media posts. Simply paste in a link, and the text, username, and photo will be converted into a beautiful graphic.
  • Dozens of templates: Select the exact size and style you want for your social media graphic, drawing from free templates inspired by top Instagram posts.
  • Customize your content: Upload your own background image (or select one from Unsplash), logo, imagery, and custom color palette.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
FreeFree planiOS and Android devicesContact them through their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook4.2 (2 reviews)

Gravit Designer

gravit-logoGravit Designer (acquired by Corel) is a full-featured vector graphic design app that works on all platforms – Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and on your browser. This allows you to transition across as many devices as you want, and even work without any internet connection. The robust software tool has flexible design features and a complete vector toolbox, which you can use to create professional images ready for your social media feed.

Key features

  • Powerful graphic tools: Enjoy a complete vector toolbox, with a rich collection of adjustments and effects, blending modes, preset shapes with smart controls, all at your fingertips.
  • Unlimited flexibility: One universal solution for your social media design needs, whether you’re creating illustrations, UI and screen design mockups, or branding designs. The file formats are also compatible with other design products (i.e., PDF, SVG, GIF).
  • Easy and accessible: Work in any way you want, on a platform that can be used on any desktop platform. You can also save and sync your projects, and access them at any time and any place.
PricingFree plan or trialSoftware typeCustomer supportReview score
Free and Pro ($49/yr.) (student and education licenses available)Free plan and trial (for Pro)Windows, MacOS, and web appKnowledge base, tutorials, user guide, request tickets4.1 (28 reviews)


biteable-logoBiteable has a compelling platform: “Make better videos than your competitors. On your lunch break.” The software tool helps users take video creation into their own hands, and produce professional videos in minutes. Whether you choose to create a video from scratch, or use a professionally crafted template, Biteable allows you to easily drop in text, photos, or even other videos to build stunning videos on social media.

Key features

  • Built-in library: Take your pick from 800,000+ real-life stock footage clips, gorgeous animations, and beautiful templates.
  • Easy-to-use editing tools: Trim or crop videos, add audio or text, resize the final footage, and more. Plus, all features are explained with a quick video and step-by-step instructions.
  • Personalize your workflow: Upload your own photos and clips, apply any effects you want, and then share and download your videos to keep forever.